Ventriloquist David Turner
Ventriloquist David Turner a photo from one of our shows at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba ....we had a large stage as you can see and we had a lively audience!
Picnic in Puerto Rico
Picnic in Puerto Rico Our shows in Puerto Rico were all during the night at 7m or 8 pm so we had all day to relax, rest and have a picnic ....what a great tour!
Watch Out
Watch Out watch out ...there are some really bulked up dudes on the beach! Sorry, we just had to take a photo on the beach!
standing in front of one of the clubs in Puerto Rico
So cool to see our ad on the sign!
So cool to see our ad on the sign! our sign advertising our show
Thanksgiving Day
Thanksgiving Day if my memory is correct this photo was on Thanksgiving Day ....we had a nice meal right on the beach! and had a lively audience that night.
There were signs in Cuba saying, "do not feed the iguanas" of course, everywhere we went we saw people feeding the iguanas and eventually we had to try it...

USO Tour -Cuba & Puerto Rico

Photos from Cuba and Puerto Rico