Dress Up Party

A simple neat addition to a small Birthday Party.

I have to be honest with you, I haven't used this idea in a long while. This idea started as something for the kids to do while they're waiting for their Balloon Animal. If I'm doing balloons at an event I wanted something for the children to do instead of just waiting in line to get their balloon. Who wants to wait? Kids want to have fun and I tried this idea several years ago and it worked, just haven't used it lately. If you want kids to have something to do, give them costumes! If you simply put the costume trunk out and let them explore they will really have fun! I have a piece of luggage and I've placed all of these costumes inside. The thought was to recommend it to customers that may fit the specifications. If your event is smaller with 10 to 15 kids and if not a lot of activities have been planned, this may be for you. Here are the costumes that are in the trunk. See what you think. I think it's a great idea I just haven't started promoting it yet. Thanks for reading and see you at the next Birthday Party!