• To Link or Not To Link?

    America and all audiences seem to have a fascination with the Linking Rings?! ....Yes ...If they are done properly they seem to mesmerize an audience and flat out become their favorite in some instances. Could it be one of the oldest of all the tricks available? I'm not sure but for some reason and fashion I simply seem to get bored or should I say not impressed with this trick. Don't get me wrong, I've seen excellent performances of this classic of Magic and still to this day for some reason don't really enjoy it. I find my self just waiting to see the next trick wondering how much longer this ring thing will continue. Everyone has their preference and my preference and liking just doesn't go toward Linking. I personally have nothing against it, just want to leave it for those who may prefer it. If you do the Linking Rings, congratulations! and hope it goes well for you. 

    With all of that being said ...lately I've seen different versions that bring a smile to my face. These versions are not exactly the Linking Ring routine from the golden oldie days and that may be what is bringing a smile! The versions to my liking are very different ways of using the rings or perhaps very different presentations of the trick. 

    The first version uses only three rings, some rope and an ingenious Magician - Aldo Columbini - take a look:

    It's a fairly simple routine but extremely different. I think different is the key word. It uses simple links and unlinks mixed with the rope linking and several surprises which in the end makes it stand out from the classic routine. I have to also add that I'm very partial, I always have loved Aldo Colombini! He takes the ordinary and adds his own twist and suddenly I like the trick!

    Another Linking Ring example could be this one....first the Linking Rings that he is using are giant sized, 14 inch to be exact and I don't know his name but the routine is totally different from the classic routine and it's quick and simple. That may be something that draws me away from the trick all together is the length of the routine. A simple 3 minute routine seems to keep my attention a bit better than a 10 minute routine...see watch:

    He's got a very simple routine with Linking Rings that are larger than most which makes it a bit different. His routine doesn't go on and on forever but still shows skill. The moves he uses are moves that I have never or rarely seen used in a common routine, Bingo! he has my attention. 

    This last presentation of the Linking Rings is totally different. Today's lesson is the word, "Different" ..that seems to be the key...the routines I see that are different and have something that makes them unique seem to hold my attention! Yippee! and here's another example of just that very thing. Our next presenter has extra, extra gigantic Linking Rings and only links and unlinks them several times in his presentation but the gymnastics that he performs with the linking and unlinking is truly eye catching! Take a look at another different and unique routine:

    I'm not even sure what this type of routine or presentation is called but I'm sooooo impressed.... the video title says it's "Isolation Linking Rings" and I have no earthly idea what that means but for the amount of practice that this gentleman has put into his presentation, the applause he received was very, very lacking! You can tell that a lot of thought and rehearsal went into that 4 minute segment. You can also tell that he's so adept with those Linking Rings he probably has a longer version of that routine, which I can assure you I'd like. He only linked and unlinked the rings a couple of times in his presentation and that was totally enough. The skill with which he did the other moves makes for a fantastic routine that I Loved! but really, it's not about what I like is it? It's about what the audience likes. It's all about what skills you have that will hold the attention of the audience. In my case I simply like to see different and unique skills because I've seen the classic Linking Rings routine over and over thru the years, but the audience has not. I can imagine that some people have never actually seen the Linking Rings live in person, which, to some seeing it for the first time has to be a thrill.

    Is there a way to present the classic routine and add some of each of these, "Different" and "Unique" elements to it? That could be a winning routine for us all. Is this idea enough for me to pull out my old set of Linking Rings and start trying to work with them again? not at present but the thought has crossed my mind. Let me know what thoughts crossed your mind below, and Thanks for reading!