Nashville Balloon Artist Rodney Kelley


Animal Balloons are included in the Birthday Package and the kids will love them!! Some shows, the kids are very, very interested in the Magic Show!  but other events the kids are fascinated with the Balloon Animals ...

I try to make a variety of shapes that aren't hard to make. In other words, let's don't make the kids wait too long for their balloon!! Yes, they love balloons but the younger children do not want to wait too long to receive them.
Part of the fun is watching the Balloon Animals being made, and I try to make them while talking to the kids and having some sort of comedy involved or having some music playing and let them do the "Chicken Dance" or "Limbo" while they are waiting.

During the Birthday Party (or other event) I can start making the Balloons while the other activities are going on. While the kids are doing another activity is perfect as I can take each one aside and ask what shape they would like and the color etc..

That seems to work very well, but other times the kids simply want to sit and watch and guess the shape I'm making or watch as we draw the eyes on the balloon. Either way works fine, whatever works for your group is great with me.

Some events simply need a Balloon Artist to come and stand and make balloons for the entire event. That is no problem, just give me a shade tree to stand under and a glass of H2O and I'll make balloons all day. We can narrow it down to 5 or 6 shapes or I can bring a book for the kids to look through and pick out the shape they would like. 

I try to make it simple but yet fun, so that no one waits too long but yet gets something that they really enjoy!

If you look on this page you will see some of my favorite Balloon Animals, and you will also see some of the shapes the kids like the best.

Not sure what type of event you are having but call if you have questions about the Balloon Animals. NO PRESSURE, just call and I'll answer your questions and you can decide if this is the right way to go for your event!! :)


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Have Balloon Animals at your next event!
Reasonable rates and if you would like to see more photos of the Balloon Shapes that I make take a look in the Balloon gallery and see if it is something that will fit into your next Birthday, Church or School Party!





Balloon Animals are a welcome addition to any event! There's a shape and color for everyone...Balloon Animals almost guarantee a smile from every child at your party!