The Magician's Rabbit


First, Thank You for visiting the website!
The Rabbit in the show seems to be such a sought after entity that I thought it was about time to write a little bit about what the people are saying. Ok, so when I say "they", I mean the kids watching the Magic Show, not the adults, you want to hear what the kids are saying!

The first thing I need to put into print is the funniest....
Two little girls were waiting in line at a school to come and 
take their turn petting the rabbit. Each class came up together
as a unit and left as a unit, but not this class. The class came up and
and had their turn petting while the two first grade girls were in their
own world, totally talking and enjoying. Their class was leaving the 
gym, and they finally finished their conversation and decided to come
and take a turn petting the rabbit. The first little girl looked at the 
second and said, "Why does this rabbit have red eyes?", "Have you
ever seen anything like this?" ..... The second, wiser girl responded:
"Haven't you ever seen this? ... c'mon, when a rabbit has red eyes
that means it is a Vampire.... "You didn't know that?"


Needless to say, I had to leave the room, my gut laughter wouldn't 
stop......My laughter continued to almost the point of choking.

Several years ago I witnessed a bunch of kids talking after the party.
There were several different parts and tricks of the show that they,
together, were trying to figure out. I was standing close by and 
luckily could hear all the proposed secrets to all the tricks.
When the group turned to how I changed a dove into a rabbit,
the group was pretty much speechless. They all agreed that I 
really placed the dove in the box. They all agreed that the box
was shown totally empty at the end and the only thing left, was a 
rabbit. There were no proposed theories on how this mystery
had been done, and finally, a little 6 year old spoke up.
This 6 year old told them how the trick was done, "I didn't want
to spoil it for you, but here's what happened.....that rabbit is 
really a dove in a rabbit costume! ... that's why the Magician
won't allow anyone to pick him up, you might see the zipper!"


Years ago at Opryland USA I had a signature move that ended
the show ... somehow wish I could incorporate it into the show
today. At the very end of the show at the "Laughin' Place" Theatre
I would change the dove into the rabbit and after saying my
good-bye's I would tell the audience, "For my last trick the rabbit
will disappear". I quickly set the rabbit on the front stage right position
and walked back to the stage door and stomped my foot. When
hearing the stomp the rabbit would run to the door and jump inside running to the backstage.
Very cool ending, with a very cool rabbit - the rabbit vanishes just
not exactly the way everyone thought it would happen.

Thank you for reading and I'll be posting more funny 
Magician stories soon! 
Until then

Happy Magic

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Nashville Birthday Party Venues - Party Ideas


So the birthday for your son or daughter is coming up soon and you're planning on having a Birthday party, but you want it to be fun AND you don't want to have it at your home.
If it's summer or spring, you can have the party on your covered back patio - be sure and read the first part of the line again, and notice the word covered. If you plan the party on your uncovered back patio, I promise IT WILL RAIN. It happens all the time and rain means they are in your house and you don't want that. I completely understand and that is why this page was created, and POOF, help is on the way! and look I did it without a hat!!


Sugar Dive

This is absolutely my first choice in venues that I have worked! They provide a place to have the party with a very festive atmosphere and workers to help you with your cake, ice cream etc... First, I can't say enough about the staff! Awesome! They sell pizza and ice cream so you don't have to deal with all the details.... They have an outside patio and an inside area that are both perfect for a Birthday of 25 or so kids. They also allow the kids to pick out the candy they would like for their "goodie bag".... I don't know all the details, you'll have to call for more details ... but I've done a ton of Birthdays there and they are just perfect!     .... Located in the Green Hills area of Nashville, call them, you'll be glad you did :)


I attended a Birthday that was held at the YMCA in Donelson TN and really appreciated the way it was laid out and the service. The Birthday was held in a private room next to one of their gymnasiums, and in the gym there was a "Bouncing Castle". The kids had the whole gym to jump and run in, and the adults had the entire private, air conditioned room to sit, chat and enjoy snacks. If one of the parents were concerned about their child they could look out the window (in the door) and could see their child having a blast! If all of this sounds appealing to you, there was a YMCA employee there (who was children friendly!) to help serve the cake and I think she watched the children while they were jumping. The whole situation just lended itself perfectly to the Birthday Party and was very comfortable and convenient for all involved. I'm not sure if every YMCA handles each party in this fashion, and I can't tell you what any of the costs are, but my job as the magician was made much easier having a venue as smart as this one!

Percy Warner Park
You can have your own pavillion and more if you book at one of the parks... I've attended a lot of parties that are held at Percy Warner Park and have had great results. The pavillions are covered, so in case of rain, no problems. Some of the areas of the parks have swing sets, rivers, slides, etc in them which lends perfectly to a Birthday Party situation. You need to get the number of the pavillion that you are interested in before you call and make your reservation. Check out what is available next to each pavillion and you are ready to call...
 I don't remember having electricity at any of the pavillions, so check that if you are interested in using electricity. I think the number for Percy Warner is (615) 352-6299 
(I found this number on a website but have not confirmed it)

Your Church
Most every church has a hall in the basement and this is a perfect place to have a Birthday Pary. I'm not sure if every church will allow you to use the facility or not, but it costs nothing to find out! The church basement is usually always tiled floors (perfect for kids parties), they almost always have a kitchen area, plenty of room and plenty of parking. Check out your church  as a possible venue to have your next Birthay Party.

Your child's classroom
Depending upon the rules of the school, your child's classroom may be an option that you want to explore. I've done many, many Birthday Parties in the classroom at the end of the school day. During the show, your child gets to be the Star of the Show in front of his entire class! 
All the kids will be talking about the party for weeks and your son or daughter will be the hero for bringing all of this fun to the classroom! 
Some schools allow it, I'm positive about that, but I don't know if your child's school allows it, and you can find out simply by asking his favorite teacher (or maybe you should ask his last period teacher). 
A Birthday Party in your child's classroom gives the teacher a deserved break and makes your child the HERO!!

Monkey's Treehouse - Bellevue
Did a Birthday Party in the Monkey's Treehouse and it was a good venue for all involved with a play area for the kids, plenty of room for the kids to run and have fun. Directly in the middle of the room under a slide there was room for me to set up and make an area for the show.
They have a sandbox, treehouse for kids to climb, dollhouse and many other toys - you can see photos and more on their website -   
Monkeys Treehouse 

Pump It Up!
This venue has two great big rooms full of jumping castles for the kids, mixed with other child friendly games. I was busy setting up a show so didn't get to go through the two rooms and look at all the games etc... but the kids that night were having a blast! Besides the two rooms with games and jumping things they also had a private room to celebrate the occasion, they may have had more than one room, I didn't get to see all. i do know the staff was helpful and courteous, the venue was clean, and my customer was very pleased having her party here. Their locations are in Brentwood and Mt. Juliet TN and here is their website for more ...
.Pump It Up!

Hotel Conference Room
So many things to consider when having a party and no one considers a Hotel as a venue for Birthday Parties. However, I've done two parties that were held in a private "Conference" room at a hotel and they both went very well. Hotels have plenty of parking, plenty of space and someone to clean up the room after you're done. It's definitely something to consider when planning

Train Museum
If you have a lot of boys that are coming to your Birthday Party, they will enjoy the Tennessee Central Railway Museum. The party that I attended had one large room with two model trains running. The cake and snacks were served in an actual train car. Can't tell you what else they had to offer or what the costs were, but I can tell you the younger boys thought that the model train was the coolest. The Museum is located on Willow Street in Nashville and here is the website for more information ... TN Central Railway Museum